IPL Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted face and body hair and hello to smooth, hair-free Skin !

Thinking about IPL Permanent Hair Removal ?

-No more saving and waxing

-Long-lasting results

-Save time and money

-No more ingrown hairs

How many treatment do I need ?

Typically 6-10 treatments are required to deliver permanent results. The amount of treatment necessary and how long you will have to wait between sessions depends on your hair and skin type, as well as the area of your body being treated. You will get better idea of what to expect during your personalised consultation.


The science behind IPL Permanent Hair Removal

Price list

Buy 5 Get 1 FREE treatment

Buy 10 Get 2 FREE treatments

*Prices are all single price.

*Can not combine with other discount special on package price.

*Female only for Brazilian/Bikini treatment.

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